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Meet Dr. Gina Riecker

An internship with 30 medical doctors made me re-evaluate my career path”, says Dr. Gina Riecker.

Dr. Gina Riecker with husband Dr. Bryan.
Dr. Gina always knew she wanted to help people feel better. It wasn’t until she spoke to some doctors during her internship that she questioned her decision.

“After reading some books, remembering a great experience I had with chiropractic and doing some soul searching, I just decided being a chiropractor was the way to go.”

No Drugs or Surgery

“With chiropractic you can change people’s lives without drugs or surgery,” says Dr. Gina. Our patients begin to notice the difference between chiropractic care and traditional medicine when they see quicker results from an adjustment.

Relieving patients of their pain and seeing them happy again is part of the joy of being a chiropractor.

I’m Here to Educate You

adjusting tablesDr. Gina would love the opportunity to educate you on your condition and offer ways to help you find some comfort and relief. “Chiropractic helps people differently depending on their condition and how long they have had it.”

If you haven’t tried chiropractic, at least let us teach you what it’s all about! It never hurts to get a second opinion on something!

The Personal Side of Dr. Gina

Meeting my husband while attending Logan Chiropractic College was certainly the highlight of my college life”, smiles Dr. Gina.

“As a mother of 6 children family life keeps me busy.” Dr. Gina and her family enjoy reading, exercising and playing sports. She homeschooled her children until they were in 7th grade. None of her children have been treated medically.

“I love helping moms with new babies and teaching them that it can all be done without drugs or surgery!”

Let Us Help You!

Call Riecker Chiropractic today to see if chiropractic is the right fit for you!

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