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About Riecker Chiropractic in Jasper IN

Lending an Ear to Your Concerns

Welcome to Riecker Chiropractic!

Welcome to Riecker Chiropractic!

Dr. Riecker began serving his community with chiropractic in 1993. “My goal is to listen to your immediate concerns and more importantly teach you about choosing a wellness approach to your health.”

The Jasper IN Chiropractor with a Mission

“Our mission is to help as many people in our lifetime as we possibly can, especially children.”

We see many young people as well as adults at our chiropractic office. Care is always taken to ensure that you will feel better and lead a happier life. From people with headaches to cancer patients, everybody is given appropriate attention and shown the way to a healthier life.

The Wow Factor

“The focus that we put on the patient, nobody else does,” proudly claims Dr. Riecker.

We go above and beyond your expectations. We care for you as a unique individual. “If a patient doesn’t come into our office after the first visits and go “Wow” we consider we dropped the ball!”

The very first time you come in we will spoil you! You will know exactly what to expect and understand the real issue with your health. We’ll educate you on the services we offer and show you how to get the best results possible.

Offering You Hope

The most fulfilling aspect of being a chiropractor is giving people hope. “It is a great feeling taking someone who is miserable and in pain and turning that life around with a health and wellness approach.”

If you’re suffering and you’ve lost hope, give us a call today! Experience the amazing results chiropractic can offer you. (812) 482-4005

Riecker Chiropractic | (812) 482-4005